Thursday, March 3, 2011

TAMANALA 9-pc Makeup Brush Set *Pink England Check* Review

A few months ago, I ordered a brush set from TAMANALA. I'm new to putting on eye makeup & properly applying lip color & all that, so I thought this 9-piece order would be a great starter set.

Stock Photos

TAMANALA Product Description
  • 100% Brand new
  • 9 pieces Professional Makeup Cosmetics Salon Brushes Set with Roll Up Leather Pouch
  • This brush set is essential for all of your makeup needs for a natural day time look or a dramatic one for evening dating
  • This brush set is essential for all of your makeup needs for a natural day time look or a dramatic one for evening dating
  • Made of high quality soft wool
  • High quality brushes that made by PONY & GOAT hair
  • Comes with a handy and portable roll up leather case, easy and convenient to carry
  • Easy to apply cosmetics on and very soft to your skin
  • Case size (after roll up): 18.4cm x 10cm
This brush is perfect for applying loose powders on the face, it has soft fibers scripted to form a full, rounded shape. Love this brush! Even though the bristles are firm, the brush is extremely soft and mild to your skin, even your skin is so sensitive, but brushes treated you well. These brushes are like butterfly kisses, and give you a pleasure to use. Be the most CHARMING Lady in the any party!
Price, Shipping, Thoughts
I paid about $12.00 for this set, which is like half the price of ONE higher-end brush. I didn't have many expectations for this set because 1) It's cheap & 2) It's from China (sorry, I have terrible assumptions from China because I have ordered a lot of stuff there so it's always 1/2 awesome or 1/2 terrible-instant-throw-away). However, I was so impressed with the actual product!! It took a month to arrive (they warn you of the slow shipping), & it comes heavily bubble wrapped. Warning: when you open the package, it will smell strongly of factory smell, lol! I didn't have a problem with that, & found a solution to leave the whole brush set out in my garage for a whole day.

Actual Pictures
Brushes look exactly as they do in the stock images. I just rearranged them in the order I liked which may look different when compared~!!

My camera is wonky so the color is slightly off ^^;;!! I didn't want to correct or edit any pictures though, to show them as accurately as I could. The blush is included in the picture for scaling purposes. The bristles of each brush are SO SOFT. There is some serious quality behind the making of these. They truly feel like my sister's MAC brushes. The claim is that they are made from "pony & goat hair" & I definitely believe it for how soft & strong it feels to use them.

The pieces of this set are all very well made. There is only 1 fault I found in the concealer brush at the bottom of the handle (it appears the mold didn't set completely round like the other brushes). Other than that, for $12.00, I am impressed & happy with the purchase. I am not a beauty guru so I don't know the quality of higher-end brushes, but I do know IQQU & MAC standards, & I believe this set is exactly at their level. My one qualm is the fact that there is no blending brush, but it's understandable because that type of brush is for more advanced application.

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Nice review! I've been looking for a backup brush set to travel around with. Might have to try these out. It's so inexpensive!

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