Friday, February 25, 2011

YSL Ombre Duo Lumiere No. 09 Stormy Mauve/Night Blue

So I am extremely elated right now because I just won an auction on eBay for a Yves Saint Laurent duo eyeshadow for only $12.50 (+ $3.25 shipping but does that really even matter?)!! The original price for this product was:

So happy! This color is sold out pretty much everywhere I looked, so I feel really lucky to have won it! I usually use brown/gray color on my lids, but after seeing the new April issue of Popsister, I was convinced to buy a blue palette.

When I initially read this, I saw the NARS duo on the bottom right & really wanted to get it! The YSL one I just got isn't as vibrant, but I think I like it a bit more subtle for everyday wear. It's very convenient how Popsister shows the best way to apply eyeshadow to enhance eyes with false lashes~!!

More colors for Spring! & I really like the bold color liner look!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Givenchy Mattisime Powder Foundation

Added a charm from Daiso to make it look pretty !!

Sephora description: What it is: A pressed foundation powder. What it does: The matte face is modern again and Givenchy's Matissime brings it back with uber sophistication. Unlike other formulations, this incarnation won't exaggerate fine lines, or leave your skin looking dull and dry. Unique air-filled microspheres help minimize the appearance of pores and wrinkles, while astringent extracts help absorb sebum and control shine. Extra bonus: The ultra-flat case sports like a mobile phone with a little notch so you can attach a cell-phone charm genius!

I got this face powder because I was tired of using second-rate powders that did not truly matte-ify! This is the best, most neutral powder I have ever used. I have a strong yellow undertone in my skin so I needed a color that was fair but also didn't look fake if I built up color (like most American brand powders that are of pink/white undertone).

The flat applicator has a synthetic top that keeps it looking clean. I love how the little detail of the brand name engraved on top! The sponge bottom is very dense, so it picks up only a small amount of product for touching up. Because of this, I use a fluffy powder brush to dust the powder onto my face upon initial use in my makeup routine.

I bought this in the color "Mat Pearl" at Sephora for $45. Sadly, it is unlisted now (maybe it didn't sell well?), but it's still available online.