Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara

Ughh I just don't even..

Fairy Drops Product Description
What it is: A volumizing, water- and sweat-resistant mascara with a brush so unique it is patented in Japan.

What it does: This do-it-all mascara is blended with fiber to give you lush, doll-like lashes. The unique brush catches even the tiniest lashes, defines, lengthens, and provides all-day curl.

Price, Shipping, Thoughts
Please skip if you are offended at lewd references!!
Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara ($24.00) reminds me of a time my friend told me he slept with a stripper. Before hooking up, this stripper acquaintance of his was the perfect girl to him; beautiful, charming, & danced well. So he envisioned making love with her to be absolutely mind-blowing because all he thought of her, plus her being a stripper had to count for something..!! Well, he did the deed & found the experience mediocre. A total disappointment!!

Fairy Drops is like that. I had so much hype for this mascara when I heard it would be sold at Sephora. There were so many valid reasons to be excited: it's a Japanese brand (like the famous Majolica Majorca) so it was bound to be good, Fairy Drops already has a huge fan base for their original purple container formula, & the packaging looks super lush & cute! I was practically frothing at the mouth when I was showing it to my boyfriend, who then grabbed a box & told me, "okay, let's get it!"

I could barely contain my excitement as I opened it up the next day to try it out for the first time. With lashes curled & ready, I waved the unique little wand through them, expecting beautiful, voluminous, lengthened miracle lashes. But as the seconds of drying past, my lashes slowly began to droop. Just like my friend & his stripper-lover, I found this mascara to be a total disappointment.

Actual Picture

I started off with natural curled bare lashes. I ended with droopy disappointment :<!! *note: my eyes get off-color like that when I'm on the computer laaaate & wake up super early (I need to stop doing that :c)

One more thing I have to note about this mascara: other girls have mentioned that this product does not flake, yet it did for me after 3 hours of wear. They also say this mascara is definitely water-resistant, & I will argue that as well. You are not supposed to curl your lashes after applying mascara, but I curled after in my first try. I then put on my contacts, & simply getting the lashes damp caused them to droop down to the picture you see above. I mentioned this to a MUA at Sephora as I was returning this product, & she said, "have you tried to put on your contacts before applying mascara?" It was a valid question (& yes I usually do), but I assured her my point was that I couldn't believe my lashes drooped after only getting them damp when the formula is supposedly "water-resistant" (meaning it can withstand tears, dampness, just not fully submerging in water, which I did not do).

I have naturally long lashes, & I found this mascara to be a total bust. Perhaps this will go well for people with shorter, more sparse lashes. However, I don't actually recommend this to anyone, as it's not as water-resistant as it claims to be. One positive note I didn't bring up was that unlike most mascaras, this feels non-hardening & actually quite good for you. But that's it, I really am not fond of it.. :c

 Buy this mascara (although I really don't recommend) here~

Monday, March 21, 2011


I bought this lash glue on a whim at WAL*MART while I was picking up new nail polishes & refill razor cartridges.

REVLON Product Description
New - Ultra Thin Brush - Dries Clear - Mess-Free Application -Waterproof & Latex-Free
The back includes steps on how to put on falsies ^^!!

Price, Shipping, Thoughts
The price is only $3.98 hnnngghhh~!!! Admittedly, I didn't buy this glue because I needed it, I bought it for novelty's sake because it is an American product with Japanese style packaging, & I can't get enough of Japanese cosmetics! It has become my favorite glue after a week of use. I'll be bold enough to say I like it better than duo brand glue for everyday use. (Calm down, duo worshipers, I'm not blaspheming. I prefer duo for special occasions over this!!) Duo has a very cement type of feel for me, where as this glue has an inconspicuous feel to it. It is waterproof as it claims (bathtub tested, lol).

Here's what I mean by "Japanese packaging". The whole beautiful molded plastic look. *note: the product next to the lash glue is Koji's nailist nail polish in sheer.*

Just like Japanese brands, the packaging is awesome then the actual product looks meh (I'm looking directly at you, Dolly Wink)!!

I've read from other girl's reviews of this product that they hate it because the glue suddenly overflows & the outside of the tube gets gross & sticky. The problem that is actually going on is the glue at the very top inside of the stick is drying slowly & becomes thick so it causes the glue inside to push out as it is closed normally. As my picture suggests, use the glue on the top of the applicator! Just treat it how you would if you put glue on the back of your hand & rub a falsie on it to apply the glue. A very simple solution~!!

I only know of that solution from having used another tube & brush glue applicator in the past: Glue Strong. Ugh. I can't even start about how much I hate this glue. If you're ever in Mitsuwa/Murakai Market & tempted to buy this, just don't. Worst investment ever, & I believe it was around $15. A total waste u__u!!

I digressed about the other glue, but getting back to REVLON PRECISION Lash Adhesive, I say go buy it!! It's only $4, you can't lose ^__^!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

TAMANALA 9-pc Makeup Brush Set *Pink England Check* Review

A few months ago, I ordered a brush set from TAMANALA. I'm new to putting on eye makeup & properly applying lip color & all that, so I thought this 9-piece order would be a great starter set.

Stock Photos

TAMANALA Product Description
  • 100% Brand new
  • 9 pieces Professional Makeup Cosmetics Salon Brushes Set with Roll Up Leather Pouch
  • This brush set is essential for all of your makeup needs for a natural day time look or a dramatic one for evening dating
  • This brush set is essential for all of your makeup needs for a natural day time look or a dramatic one for evening dating
  • Made of high quality soft wool
  • High quality brushes that made by PONY & GOAT hair
  • Comes with a handy and portable roll up leather case, easy and convenient to carry
  • Easy to apply cosmetics on and very soft to your skin
  • Case size (after roll up): 18.4cm x 10cm
This brush is perfect for applying loose powders on the face, it has soft fibers scripted to form a full, rounded shape. Love this brush! Even though the bristles are firm, the brush is extremely soft and mild to your skin, even your skin is so sensitive, but brushes treated you well. These brushes are like butterfly kisses, and give you a pleasure to use. Be the most CHARMING Lady in the any party!
Price, Shipping, Thoughts
I paid about $12.00 for this set, which is like half the price of ONE higher-end brush. I didn't have many expectations for this set because 1) It's cheap & 2) It's from China (sorry, I have terrible assumptions from China because I have ordered a lot of stuff there so it's always 1/2 awesome or 1/2 terrible-instant-throw-away). However, I was so impressed with the actual product!! It took a month to arrive (they warn you of the slow shipping), & it comes heavily bubble wrapped. Warning: when you open the package, it will smell strongly of factory smell, lol! I didn't have a problem with that, & found a solution to leave the whole brush set out in my garage for a whole day.

Actual Pictures
Brushes look exactly as they do in the stock images. I just rearranged them in the order I liked which may look different when compared~!!

My camera is wonky so the color is slightly off ^^;;!! I didn't want to correct or edit any pictures though, to show them as accurately as I could. The blush is included in the picture for scaling purposes. The bristles of each brush are SO SOFT. There is some serious quality behind the making of these. They truly feel like my sister's MAC brushes. The claim is that they are made from "pony & goat hair" & I definitely believe it for how soft & strong it feels to use them.

The pieces of this set are all very well made. There is only 1 fault I found in the concealer brush at the bottom of the handle (it appears the mold didn't set completely round like the other brushes). Other than that, for $12.00, I am impressed & happy with the purchase. I am not a beauty guru so I don't know the quality of higher-end brushes, but I do know IQQU & MAC standards, & I believe this set is exactly at their level. My one qualm is the fact that there is no blending brush, but it's understandable because that type of brush is for more advanced application.

Buy this brush set here ~