Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara

Ughh I just don't even..

Fairy Drops Product Description
What it is: A volumizing, water- and sweat-resistant mascara with a brush so unique it is patented in Japan.

What it does: This do-it-all mascara is blended with fiber to give you lush, doll-like lashes. The unique brush catches even the tiniest lashes, defines, lengthens, and provides all-day curl.

Price, Shipping, Thoughts
Please skip if you are offended at lewd references!!
Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara ($24.00) reminds me of a time my friend told me he slept with a stripper. Before hooking up, this stripper acquaintance of his was the perfect girl to him; beautiful, charming, & danced well. So he envisioned making love with her to be absolutely mind-blowing because all he thought of her, plus her being a stripper had to count for something..!! Well, he did the deed & found the experience mediocre. A total disappointment!!

Fairy Drops is like that. I had so much hype for this mascara when I heard it would be sold at Sephora. There were so many valid reasons to be excited: it's a Japanese brand (like the famous Majolica Majorca) so it was bound to be good, Fairy Drops already has a huge fan base for their original purple container formula, & the packaging looks super lush & cute! I was practically frothing at the mouth when I was showing it to my boyfriend, who then grabbed a box & told me, "okay, let's get it!"

I could barely contain my excitement as I opened it up the next day to try it out for the first time. With lashes curled & ready, I waved the unique little wand through them, expecting beautiful, voluminous, lengthened miracle lashes. But as the seconds of drying past, my lashes slowly began to droop. Just like my friend & his stripper-lover, I found this mascara to be a total disappointment.

Actual Picture

I started off with natural curled bare lashes. I ended with droopy disappointment :<!! *note: my eyes get off-color like that when I'm on the computer laaaate & wake up super early (I need to stop doing that :c)

One more thing I have to note about this mascara: other girls have mentioned that this product does not flake, yet it did for me after 3 hours of wear. They also say this mascara is definitely water-resistant, & I will argue that as well. You are not supposed to curl your lashes after applying mascara, but I curled after in my first try. I then put on my contacts, & simply getting the lashes damp caused them to droop down to the picture you see above. I mentioned this to a MUA at Sephora as I was returning this product, & she said, "have you tried to put on your contacts before applying mascara?" It was a valid question (& yes I usually do), but I assured her my point was that I couldn't believe my lashes drooped after only getting them damp when the formula is supposedly "water-resistant" (meaning it can withstand tears, dampness, just not fully submerging in water, which I did not do).

I have naturally long lashes, & I found this mascara to be a total bust. Perhaps this will go well for people with shorter, more sparse lashes. However, I don't actually recommend this to anyone, as it's not as water-resistant as it claims to be. One positive note I didn't bring up was that unlike most mascaras, this feels non-hardening & actually quite good for you. But that's it, I really am not fond of it.. :c

 Buy this mascara (although I really don't recommend) here~


N o k z said...

Ah! I'm so jealous ofyour long lashes! :B and I thoroughly enjoyed your analogy of the stripper. HAHA. That's how I feel about alot of beauty products that get hyped, unfortunately. :(
I still think that nothing beats the perfect duo of Rimmel's glamour mascara coated with Shu Uemura fiberlash extension! I have really short lashes and those two do wonders for me! Too bad Sephora no longer carries the original fiberlash extension :/

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

This is the most amazing review ever. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

Vickii said...

Oh no! I had such high hopes for this mascara :( Really appreciate the review though sigh. At least Sephora has a really good return policy. Have you tried exchanging it for another tube? Maybe it was just the formula in that batch that wasn't so good =/

Btw, I was curious what font you used in your pictures? It's so cute! :)

suki pooki said...

I had high hopes for this mascara too! It sucks it didn't live up to it's hype, I guess I'll be sticking around with my dior mascaras for now! lol I also don't understand why they don't just bring over the original formula!!!!